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How to Make a Fortune With Video Blogging!

Posted on February 5, 2017 in Uncategorized

An introduction to Video Blogging.

First off, Let me say that Video blogging is not some new fangled idea that some technogeek came up with, it’s simply blogging through the use of videos instead of the same boring text that you see on most blogs.

Now that we have a better idea of just what video blogging is, let’s talk about what we can do next and how you can finally make money through video blogging. Firs off, you need to know how to make videos and be prepared to blog consistently about a topic you are interested in or are willing to spend more of your time researching.

Fortunately for us these days, it’s very easy and inexpensive to start making your own videos. In fact, anyone can make a video providing they are willing to put in a little tool. Absolutely No one has any excuse of saying it’s too hard because there are a number of paid as well as totally free tools out there. Thousands of teenagers make videos Daily by simply using their mobile phones & posting them to YouTube. Here are some great tools you need to start making your video today.

Smartphone -E.G. BlackBerry, iPhone, Droid are just a number of phones that you can start making video instantly.

Animoto – Free tool you can make animated videos with. I was really impressed with this tool.

CamStudio- This is similar to Jing Pro and it’s free to use.

Jing Pro – Screen capture software, it will cost you around ten dollars. I can really recommend this tool because you can record a video by simply using a PowerPoint presentation. You can record your whole computer screen and show people how to perform any task using your computer in real time.

I’m serious when I talk about how you can make Blogging as a way to making full time income.

Choose How to Host your Videos

Once you have mastered how to create your videos, choose a blogging platform to host your videos. You can either use some free online authority blog sites such as blogger or WordPress. Both very good blogging platforms and easy to setup with a short learning curve to initially get your blog up. Just sign up by registering an account with either one of them and you can put your videoblog up. Now that your video is up, how do you make money from your video blogs?

The three main ways I would make money from my video marketing would be through Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing or driving traffic to your own Products / offers.

Google AdSense – Consists of very small advertisements that Google places on your blogs or websites once you register with them and you get approved as a publisher. When someone clicks on AdSense links you simply get paid.

Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is a system where a web publisher gives other publishers a percentage for people that buy their product. There are several large companies that have affiliate programs

Commission Junction





Now that you know where you can grab affiliate products, just how do you make money with affiliate marketing? Simply do a video review of a good affiliate product and offer people a good reason to buy through link, like a free report or another bonus. In fact, There are a number of ways to get great video submissions.

If you have your own product, even better! Now you can promote your product as above, but you will earn a lot more because you will earn the lions share of sales and not just commission as an affiliate.

I’ve given you just a few, yet powerful ways if you want to start making money through video blogging. I am sure there are many other ways, but these should be considered as your fundamentals of making money through the use of video blogging.