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How to Make a Fortune With Video Blogging!

Posted on February 5, 2017 in Uncategorized

An introduction to Video Blogging.

First off, Let me say that Video blogging is not some new fangled idea that some technogeek came up with, it’s simply blogging through the use of videos instead of the same boring text that you see on most blogs.

Now that we have a better idea of just what video blogging is, let’s talk about what we can do next and how you can finally make money through video blogging. Firs off, you need to know how to make videos and be prepared to blog consistently about a topic you are interested in or are willing to spend more of your time researching.

Fortunately for us these days, it’s very easy and inexpensive to start making your own videos. In fact, anyone can make a video providing they are willing to put in a little tool. Absolutely No one has any excuse of saying it’s too hard because there are a number of paid as well as totally free tools out there. Thousands of teenagers make videos Daily by simply using their mobile phones & posting them to YouTube. Here are some great tools you need to start making your video today.

Smartphone -E.G. BlackBerry, iPhone, Droid are just a number of phones that you can start making video instantly.

Animoto – Free tool you can make animated videos with. I was really impressed with this tool.

CamStudio- This is similar to Jing Pro and it’s free to use.

Jing Pro – Screen capture software, it will cost you around ten dollars. I can really recommend this tool because you can record a video by simply using a PowerPoint presentation. You can record your whole computer screen and show people how to perform any task using your computer in real time.

I’m serious when I talk about how you can make Blogging as a way to making full time income.

Choose How to Host your Videos

Once you have mastered how to create your videos, choose a blogging platform to host your videos. You can either use some free online authority blog sites such as blogger or WordPress. Both very good blogging platforms and easy to setup with a short learning curve to initially get your blog up. Just sign up by registering an account with either one of them and you can put your videoblog up. Now that your video is up, how do you make money from your video blogs?

The three main ways I would make money from my video marketing would be through Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing or driving traffic to your own Products / offers.

Google AdSense – Consists of very small advertisements that Google places on your blogs or websites once you register with them and you get approved as a publisher. When someone clicks on AdSense links you simply get paid.

Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is a system where a web publisher gives other publishers a percentage for people that buy their product. There are several large companies that have affiliate programs

Commission Junction





Now that you know where you can grab affiliate products, just how do you make money with affiliate marketing? Simply do a video review of a good affiliate product and offer people a good reason to buy through link, like a free report or another bonus. In fact, There are a number of ways to get great video submissions.

If you have your own product, even better! Now you can promote your product as above, but you will earn a lot more because you will earn the lions share of sales and not just commission as an affiliate.

I’ve given you just a few, yet powerful ways if you want to start making money through video blogging. I am sure there are many other ways, but these should be considered as your fundamentals of making money through the use of video blogging.

Blogging Tips For Bloggers

Posted on February 3, 2017 in Uncategorized

Want more visitors to reach your blog? Want they hear your blog? Or do you want to increase your income on your blog?

You can use these tips to optimize your blog:

1. Content is your king

If we imagine blog as a kingdom, then your content is the ruler of your blog. Your King. Content holds everything.

People search for information on the internet. For that, you can serve content that satisfy your visitors.

If you served them a good quality content, they will surely impressed by your blog and increase possibility to visit your blog regularly.

For website/blog owners, if they found good quality content, there is a possibility they will put a link for it or bookmark it.

Content for your blog can be your posts, your blog templates, or anything that you placed on that blog.

If you really got a good quality content, they won’t hesitate to come to you again and again. You even don’t have to bother about your layout.

Or maybe referring you to another sites, saying “This blog has high quality content.”

Visitors will be really disappointed with your blog if your content are copied from another sites/blogs, especially from top sites.

Use topic that you master, because with that, you really know what’re you doing. You can post opinions, reviews or all that you know on your blog with that topic.

2. Post regularly

Make new post as fast as you can and publish them as fast as you can, but consider timing too. You don’t always have to post good quality content, but just post something to make your blog readers’ feel that your blog is updated regularly.

You have to make sure that there are some good quality
content between these posts.

3. Layout

In reality, “People judge a book by it’s cover”

People rate your blog. What differ a common blog and a professional one is it’s layout.
Even if you didn’t have high content, people will think your blog is a high quality one because of your layout.

And even before they read the content, people will think that your blog’s content is good, because they look at your layout.

But beware about this, if you have a good quality layout but bad content, people will really disappointed. It makes them think that your blog is really made by an amateur that just depend on the layout that can be downloaded and searched freely.

Regular people prefer light template because it’s easy to read.

But usually gamers/anime lovers prefer dark template, because it bring the sensation of playing games or watching animes, or because it is cool in
gamers’ eye.

Make sure if you want to make your blog layout become cool, you must first upgrade it’s content.

4. Promote your blog

This is really important. Someone will know about some blog if they was introduced to it. You can place signatures between forums, social networking sites, mailing lists, and other community online. Be active to promote your blog, go to sites that possibly related to your blog.

Even if it wasn’t related to it’s topic you can promote it to them too, who knows they have an interest on your blog topic.

If your blog have a good quality articles, you can submit your articles to any sites that need your article. like http://www.ezinearticles.com and others. It will drive more traffic to your site.

5. Use free services from another sites

Like feedburner (RSS feeds), del.icio.us (Bookmarking services), Technorati (blog ratings), or another.
These web 2.0 websites services can help you to promote your website and increase your website rating in front of visitor’s eye

6. Monetize

If you are using blog service that allow you to monetize it, you can place ads in it. Then you can start earning from your blog. Nowadays, the ad format that is really popular is a pay per click ads.

Super Hot Topics For Your Money Making Blog

Posted on February 2, 2017 in Uncategorized

Even though you may be fascinated by paper clips that come in different colors, you may not be able to find many people that share your passion. Without a question, if you want to create a viable money making blog, you have to be attuned to the kinds of things that draw the interest of a sizable audience. As a general rule of thumb, if you cannot draw 150 – 200 people to your site on a daily basis, it is not likely that you will make a sale. Therefore, before you start designing your blog and posting, it will be to your advantage to make sure that you can spot and take advantage of public interest trends.

Current News and World Issues

If you give it some thought, there is nothing quite like a disaster to draw attention. Invariably, this attention may also attract individuals that may be interested in cluster niche products. For example, if there is a tsunami, people may start thinking about having extra candles, or other emergency products. This may include everything from first aid equipment to blankets and extra food. At the very least, you can devote one post in your blog to relevant products. In fact, even if you have a site dedicated to electronic gadgets, you can use this opportunity to promote radios with weather bands, GPS systems, medical ID bracelets, and similar items.

Daily Life and Needs

While disasters may gain attention for a short period of time, eventually enthusiasm will wane. On the other hand, there are all kinds of mundane concerns that can send people looking for information at a moments notice. Some of these concerns include:

Coping with Diabetes and related health issues

Elder care

Raising children

Marriage management

Automobile financing and maintenance

Job acquisition and retention skills

Chances are, if you make a list of all the things that you research online, you will come up with at least a dozen popular topics. In order to narrow in on a viable topic, you can use the Google keyword analyzer to find out how relevant the tops actually is. Consider a situation where you are trying to decide between a blog about marital infidelity and child rearing. Ideally, you should pick ten common phrases that come to mind for each subject. As you research each keyword, you will get a better idea of how much traffic you can draw to each site on a daily basis.

Being a Trend Setter

Did you know that it is downright foolhardy to try and sell products made from real fur? In fact, any remotely moral human being is sure to be offended by baby seals being pickaxed to death, anal electrocution of fur bearing animals, the role of abortion in Astrakhan fur, and the fact that cats/dogs in China are skinned alive.

On the other hand, this particular audience is also known for choosing vegetarian diets and natural health remedies. As a result, you can draw these people to your site with animal rights information, and then provide information about vegan cook books, herbal remedies, and websites where they can donate to animal rights charities. When your blog features activist elements, readers will know that you also take an interest in fostering humanitarian community values. If you give it some thought, you will realize that “brick and mortar” businesses take part in all kinds of local charities and fund raisers to create a similar impression.

Each year, thousands of new bloggers start developing money making blogs around topics that are of personal interest. While this may work for some people, others may naturally be inclined to subjects that are not very popular. As a general rule of thumb, picking an off-beat topic will not be of much use if you want to be successful as a money making blogger. Therefore, you will be well served by keeping an eye on news trends, practical lifestyle matters, and public sentiment. When you are able to balance these three factors, you are sure to be able to create an interesting blog as well as one that will help you convert viewers into customers.